SeaLife Flex-Connect Accessories

As the number of Flex-Connect accessories from SeaLife grows, so does the system’s compatibility with different brands of underwater lights and cameras.

As the number of SeaLife Flex-Connect accessories grows, so too does the system’s compatibility with different brands of underwater lights and cameras. Flex-Connect Micro, Single, and Dual Trays are universally compatible with most brands of underwater cameras — including SeaLife, GoPro, Olympus , Fantasea, Sea&Sea, and many more using a standard ¼-20 tripod mount. Divers can quickly adjust and reconfigure an almost limitless number of underwater camera setups with the robust and feature-packed SeaLife flex-connect accessories.


From compact to big-rig, Flex-Connect offers three trays to fit your underwater photography needs. Flex-Connect Micro, Single and Dual Trays allow users to create a setup for any diving environment. They provide a platform to add grips, flex arms, mounts and powerful sea dragon lighting.


Ergonomic and easy to use, add grips and Flex-Arms (pictured) to add stability and reduce backscatter. Get creative with your underwater photography! The Flex Arms bend in a 100-degree motion, so you can easily adjust lighting in numerous ways.


Love shooting macro photography? Bring the light as close up or as far back as you need to with the adjustable Flex Arms to capture that perfect macro shot. Add your choice of photo/video light to the Flex-Connect system by mounting it with the new Flex-Connect 1-Inch Clamp and Ball Joint Adapter for Flex-Connect.


Add flexibility and stability to your camera whether it’s in a DSLR set up or SeaLife Micro 2.0. The Flex-Connect trays include the standard ¼-20” tripod screw that you can mount to nearly all brands of underwater cameras.


Build your camera set up in seconds with a single click. SeaLife’s universal Flex-Connect system makes it easy to build your camera from ultra-compact to full-featured. Besides providing a lighting solution, another important feature of Flex-Connect is the balance and stabilization for your camera. So even if you do not need lighting for a particular shot or video, use Flex-Connect to add stability and balance to your camera.

Photos courtesy of Chase Darnell and Joseph Tepper from Dive Photo Guide.