Scuba Diving Koh Tao, Thailand

If any of our readers have been traveling south east Asia and not been to Koh Tao, you have missed out on a great experience.

This little magical 22 square kilometre island off the east coast of Thailand is a scuba training haven. Koh Tao is responsible for the most certifications in the world second to Cairns, Australia! The Island has great views, quite lifestyles (and some loud for those who want it), and best of all great scuba diving!

Koh Tao has over 3o local dive shops crammed into the small tropical paradise. With white sandy beaches and beautiful clear waters it is hard to resist settling down for a few weeks for a more wholesome vibe. There is plenty to do on the island besides scuba diving, with some great restaurants, an awesome night scene, and definitely this island is ready to have you play a few rounds of mini-putt. Accommodations vary from beach shack to VIP air-con luxuriously furnished suites.

If you came to Koh Tao to party and work your way across Thailand that’s great! But you probably got sucked into the scuba diver life! Koh Tao has a reputation for pumping out Divemasters and Instructors galore, with great training grounds and awesome people, and a few school days in the sun the place can’t get any better. Divemaster courses are a blast, you get to meet lots of cool people and celebrate your completion with some silly drinking games and fire throwing attempts… sounds safe? If you get the chance to stop by this amazing Island let us know, and throw up a few photos!

The actual scuba diving is fantastic with amazing dive sites close to your resort or dive shop. The best experience Scuba Diver Life has had is at  the Chumpon Pinnacle dive site. Amazing dives with bull sharks, whale sharks, eels, lion fish and more… Koh Tao is definitely worth a trip, and ask us if you would like any recommendations as to where to train or what sites are the best to hit!

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This could be YOUR classroom!