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Scuba Diving in Indonesia is a Dream Come True

Scuba diving in Indonesia is world-renowned as some of the planet’s best. And this lucky writer just got to see it for herself.

As our boat approached a white sandbar in the middle of the ocean in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, one of the girls onboard turned to the rest of us and said in her charming accent, “Is this a dream?” This simple question spoke volumes. We didn’t need to answer. Rather, we just offered an affirmation: “Exactly.” That question and the sentiment behind it is an apt way to describe my 10-day adventure of scuba diving in Indonesia, in some of the world’s most amazing waters. It was very much like a dream.

Thanks to the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism, a group of diving journalists dove somewhere that easily puts many others to shame. We visited Alor, Komodo, and Raja Ampat. Our epic, whirlwind journey took us through some of the world’s clearest waters. In addition, we met some of the most amazing, generous, and beautiful people in the world.

During our all-too-brief journey, we saw only a tiny sliver of the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia.  The largest archipelago in the world has only two seasons — wet and dry — and we were there for a little of both. From Bali to Komodo to Piyanemo, we saw manta rays and Komodo dragons. We climbed small mountains and plunged to the depths of the ocean. Every day was filled with wonder, amazement, and excitement. In the following three articles, I’ll go into more detail about each location we dove, so stay tuned.

What’s to come?

First up, we’ll visit Alor, with its clear waters, swift currents, and deep, colorful reefs.

Komodo greeted us with giant mantas, amazing views, and unforgettable pinnacle dives that left all of us stunned.

Finally, we’ll visit Raja Ampat.

The area’s remoteness makes for a long journey, but it’s well worth it for iconic views, massive schools of fish, and thriving reefs.

Join me in learning a little more about Wonderful Indonesia and start making plans of your own to visit.

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