The Scuba Diver’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are almost upon us, so it’s time to shop for the diver in your life. Our scuba diver’s holiday gift guide has you covered.

The holidays are almost upon us, so it’s time to shop for the diver in your life. Our scuba diver’s holiday gift guide has you covered with everything from marine-inspired jewelry to a sharky sleeping bag.


If the diver in your life likes a little sparkle, check out the extensive offerings from Reef Jewelry, which offers pendants, rings, earrings and more in the likeness of sea life. Charm bracelets are all the rage as well; here you can find everything from a seahorse to an orca.

Give a good deed

You know your partner, friend or sibling feels strongly about the ocean. Why not donate in their name to one of the many conservation organizations that are working hard every day to protect it? A gift card detailing your donation would surely make an ocean lover happy.


Divers never tire of expressing their love for the ocean, and love to do so with what they wear. Lots of online dive stores will offer a wide range of shirts for your loved one to display their favorite animal or scuba quote, or a cool pattern with fish or sharks. Prawno offers some of today’s most stylish offerings.

For the kids

If there are young kids on your list, pique their interest in the ocean even before they can dive. Of course, you could get them the DVD of “Finding Nemo,” but there are lots of far more interactive ocean-themed toys and games out there as well. Try ocean bingo to introduce them to realistic depictions of sea life or even a mermaid or shark costume for some make believe.


Magnets, key rings and mugs may not be the most original gift on the list, but nonetheless there are some great ones available for divers. Check out these adorable luggage tags, key rings and more from Dive Inspire, which we’ve also mentioned here.


Don’t get them just any swimsuit; choose one that’s good for the ocean. Fourth Element offers the OceanPositive line, made with recycled nylon from ghost fishing nets.


Pick up a good fish-identification book for the local area or their next dive trip or a coffee table book on the world’s best dive sites to help them build that bucket list. There are also several good dive novels for adventurers, such as the classic Shadow Divers.

For the shark lover

Although we’re on the fence about the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week, their online store nonetheless has some cool stuff for the shark-lover in your life. They can make some shark-themed cupcakes or grab a snooze in the sleeping-bag size Shark Chumbuddy cover.

Dive Computer

If you want to splurge on your diver, there’s nothing that would make them happier than a new dive computer (even if they already have one). This year has brought some exciting new products to this segment, including the Aqua Lung i450T,  the new range of Suunto D6i Novo computers or the Scubapro Mantis 2 (M2). 

Camera accessories

Once you become an avid photographer, there’s no end to the cool camera stuff you can get. It might be a photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a new camera, such as the SeaLife DC2000, or even just some new accessories.