Photographer Spotlight: Greg Lecoeur

In a new series of articles, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the world’s best underwater photographers, from the famous to the unknown, as well as offering tips for you to capture some stunning underwater photos of your own.

Greg Lecoeur is a multi-award-winning underwater photographer. This self-taught Frenchman is a native of Nice on the French Riviera. His strong passion for photography and his fascination with marine biology have pushed him to explore the planet from beneath the surface through the lens of his camera.

By using photography, he reveals the beauty and fragility of the marine environment and its inhabitants. This ambitious explorer has been widely published, and his passion is to educate the public to help preserve our ocean. National Geographic recently named him this year’s National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year for his award-winning image of the Sardine Run in South Africa.


How long have you been an underwater photographer?

I started playing with my first camera in 2009 and have been a professional underwater photographer for three years.

What got you interested in underwater photography?

My interest in underwater photography is to share the beauty of nature with the public. I try to share my own vision through my lens.

What’s your favorite style of underwater photography?

I am passionate about marine biology, so I like everything from tiny critters to whales. What I most like witnessing and photographing is marine behavior.

Any favorite subjects?

Marine-life behavior

Any favorite destinations?

Wild destinations such as the Galapagos. My dream is to explore Antarctica to photograph penguins and leopard seals.

What’s your underwater setup?

Nikon D7200 in Nauticam housing with two Ikelite strobes DS161

Do you have any tips for new underwater photographers?

Photograph with you heart, live your dreams and make your own photography style.

 By Greg Lecoeur

You can find more of Lecoeur’s work on his website, Instagram and Facebook pages.