PADI Creates New COVID-19 Scuba Diving Status Map

PADI has created a new COVID-19 diving status map to help divers navigate what destinations are open for diving as the world begins to ease travel restrictions.

While life will certainly look a bit different for the foreseeable future, people are still seeking ways to discover amazing places — both close to home as soon as possible and in far-flung destinations when the time is right. As the effects of COVID-19 in each country evolve, local regulations adapt and create a patchwork of situations, making it hard to stay up to date — even for residents in their own community. As regions around the globe begin to reopen, PADI’s has created a new interactive COVID-19 scuba diving status map to make it easy to identify — in real-time — where diving is accessible both near and far. This map is a great resource for information on current guidelines, any potential restrictions and special safety precautions in place to help people safely dive again across the globe.

Using the map

With a simple click or two, divers will gain immediate access to the latest information about diving accessibility and diving restrictions in a particular country; if travel in and out of a country is allowed; if travel within the area is allowed; and if PADI Dive Centers and Resorts are open for business and, if so, in what capacity. The map is continually being updated with additional information and current data specific to each country, state/province and dive center worldwide.

The ability to travel may be limited for the time being, but this is no reason to stop you from embarking on new adventures or connecting with the underwater world. Wherever you live, there are waters nearby waiting to be explored — don’t underestimate local shores, lakes and quarries. Your local PADI Dive Center can provide further information on the best local dive sites to explore and special safety precautions they’re taking during these times. 

Guest post by Jennifer Small, Public Relations Manager, PADI