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Novo Amor – Birthplace

"To recognise a need for change, but not move on or take control of one’s actions is an unhealthy attitude in any situation." ~ Novo Amor

It seems that it’s not often nowadays that a music video makes a profound statement, but this one does.  The video really says it all.  Give it a watch, as I feel my words cannot do the video justice. 

Then, go check out the artist’s site and read a little more about the awareness they are trying to bring about.  Also, you can check out this writeup about the making of the video (including info about the amazing freediver, Michael Board ) and what the artist wants it to represent.

From the artist: 

“The song is about recognizing a need for change in yourself, and the ambivalence towards acting upon this recognition. Directors Sil Van Der Woerd and Jorik Dozy, along with freediver Michael Board, beautifully encapsulate this in their film – in humanity’s harmful relationship with nature and what outcomes that ambivalence could ultimately bring.”

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Info about video:

  • Directed & Written by Sil van der Woerd & Jorik Dozy
  • Produced by Sean Lin, New Frontier Pictures Line
  • Producer: Bayu Topan
  • Cast: Michael Board
  • Cinematography by Nihal Friedel
  • Art Director by Dalbo Suarimbawa
  • Supported by Zen Freediving