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A New Way to Log Your Dives

When compared with the technological age that we live in, it becomes clear that the practice of dive-logging is stuck in the past. Deepblu has reinvented dive-logging for the modern era, using wireless connectivity and digital technology.

From day one of your open-water scuba course, your dive instructor emphasizes the importance of recording information from every dive you do in a dive log. And they’re right! Dive logs are a physical record of your experience as a scuba diver. They help you prepare for future dives and improve your underwater skills by serving as a learning tool. Finally, dive logs are a place to capture and preserve the memories of your time underwater. And keeping a digital dive log has never been easier.

Unfortunately, many divers stop logging their dives as they become more experienced because let’s face it: writing in a dive log with a pen and paper is tedious. Paper logbooks are a hassle to carry around and easy to lose. Even when you write in your dive log religiously, the finished product is not very useful. When compared with the technological age that we live in, it becomes clear that the practice of dive-logging is stuck in the past.

This is what Deepblu Inc. had in mind when it created the COSMIQ Dive Companion and the Deepblu app. COSMIQ, a multi-purpose dive computer for scuba divers and freedivers, features more than the usual functions you find in a recreational dive computer. After a dive, COSMIQ syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, wirelessly uploading dive data directly to the Deepblu app – a mobile platform where you can create digital dive logs, share your underwater photos, connect with dive buddies and share your diving experiences with other Deepblu users.

Deepblu has reinvented dive-logging for the modern era, using wireless connectivity and digital technology to improve both the process of creating dive logs and the finished product. With COSMIQ and the Deepblu app, Deepblu has created an all-in-one dive logging solution that allows you to continue your adventure above the surface.   

Digital Dive Log

More Than Just a Dive Computer

Multifunctional with three dive modes: scuba, gauge and freedive, COSMIQ is also nitrox-capable with adjustable oxygen levels of 21 to 40 percent. It features three different safety-factor settings: conservative, normal and progressive. The Dive-Plan function allows divers to plan out dives in advance, taking into consideration residual nitrogen levels between dives.

Best of all, COSMIQ is the only affordable dive computer that includes both wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a comprehensive mobile dive-logging application.

The Deepblu app reimagines paper logbooks to better reflect today’s technological world and our desire to share experiences on social media. Deepblu’s digital dive logs are visually appealing, interactive and shareable. Divers can integrate photos with dive data, write a story about their dive, tag dive buddies in their logs, and have their instructors validate dive logs.

When uploading dive data from COSMIQ and integrating pictures from a digital camera, the app synchronizes time and depth information and creates an interactive dive profile pinpointing the exact time and depth at which each picture was taken. The dive profile is represented visually as a slider and users can scroll through the different sections of the dive with the pictures changing based on time and depth.

Divers can keep their logs private, share them with the Deepblu community, or export them to other social networks. The Deepblu app is available for Apple iPhone and Android devices and users can download it for free at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 

Digital Dive Log

A Social Network for Scuba Divers and Freedivers

In the coming months Deepblu Inc. plans to expand the Deepblu app far beyond a collection of digital dive logs and into a comprehensive social network for divers. Currently under development, the new and improved Deepblu platform will be available on all iOS and Android devices, and accessible through the Web as well.

The first of these new social functions will be implemented next week through an upgrade to the Deepblu iOS app which will add new multimedia functions including video uploading and buddy-to-buddy instant messaging.

The COSMIQ Dive Companion is available now for pre-order directly from the Deepblu Shop ( The retail price is $299 USD. The Deepblu app is available for free download at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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DeepBlu AppIf you, too, struggle to maintain a printed dive log, try the Deepblu App, which lets you create a beautiful digital dive log — and share it with your friends!

Posted by Scuba Diver Life on Thursday, July 21, 2016