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Vanuatu wreck dives
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Five Fantastic Vanuatu Wreck Dives

The SS President Coolidge isn’t the only great wreck dive in Vanuatu. Here are our picks for five fantastic Vanuatu wreck dives.

coral dives in Vanuatu
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Top Five Coral Dives in Vanuatu

Vanuatu has wreck divers covered with the world-famous SS President Coolidge, but you may not know about these top five coral dives in Vanuatu.

Santo Island
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Scuba Diving in Santo Island, Vanuatu

If you’re diving in Santo Island, Vanuatu, you’ll visit the wreck of the SS President Coolidge of course, but there are some other fantastic dives as well.

technical diving in Vanuatu
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Technical Diving in Vanuatu

Whether you’d like to learn or you’ve been diving this way for a while, the world of technical diving in Vanuatu has something for everyone.

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