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South Africa


South African Humpback Whale Party

Huge groups of humpback whales are being seen in South Africa – something only seen in recent years.


Discovering a Coelacanth in KwaZulu-Natal

Umzumbe in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa is not a particularly famous dive location, but last November two divers discovered a coelacanth.

False Bay

The Battle of the Food Chain in False Bay

Great white and broadnose sevengill sharks were, until recently, the top predators in False Bay, South Africa. But there are two new sheriffs in town.

blue and mako sharks

Diving with Blue and Mako Sharks in South Africa

You’ll cover some serious nautical miles when diving with blue and mako sharks in South Africa — but the long boat ride will be well worth it.

Broadnose sevengill featured

Dive Site: Millers Point, South Africa

The South African Cape is well known for fabulous dive sites thanks to the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Miller’s Point is one such site.

December dive destinations

Five Great December Dive Destinations

Don’t let winter stop you from getting in the water. Here are five great December dive destinations that shine this time of year.

sardine run

Top Tips on the Sardine Run in South Africa

The sardine run along the South African coast is one of the largest marine-life migrations on earth. Here’s all you need to know about this extraordinary event.

Wreck Diving in Africa

Best Wreck Diving in Africa

In the third of our six-part series on the world’s most dive-able wrecks, we’re highlighting the best wreck diving in Africa, focusing on southern and eastern Africa.

Marine Life Aggregations

The World’s Best Marine Life Aggregations

Here it is: your definitive list of the world’s best marine life aggregations. No matter what you want to see — from mantas to dolphins, here’s where you need to dive and when.

Humpback Whale Congregation

Humpback Whale Congregation Mystery May Be Solved

Scientists may have solved a decades-long mystery of mass humpback congregations taking place off the coast of South Africa

Shark Dives in South Africa

Top Five Shark Dives in South Africa

The waters off Africa’s southernmost point offer some sensational diving. Here are our picks for the top five shark dives in South Africa.

dive with seals

Top Places to Dive with Seals

Here (in no particular order) are the top places to dive with seals, often called the puppies of the sea.

South African Great Whites

South African Great Whites on the Verge of Extinction

Long associated with South African waters, the iconic great white shark may be facing localized extinction.

Aliwal Shoal

Diving Aliwal Shoal

Crystal Divers South Africa and the Blue Marlin Hotel offer divers the perfect launch pad from which to dive Aliwal Shoal.

Sodwana Bay

Diving South Africa’s Sodwana Bay

In 2000, Sodwana Bay became internationally known after a group of technical divers rediscovered the prehistoric coelacanth in the depths of the park’s Jesser Canyon, but it is for the incredible biodiversity of the area’s shallower reefs that most divers flock there.

Snorkeling with Blue and Mako Sharks

Snorkeling with Blue and Mako Sharks in South Africa

Is it possible to have a severe case of the blues when scuba diving? It is if you’re surrounded by blue sharks in the crystal-clear, deep-blue waters of the Agulhas Current off South Africa.


The Coelacanth: A Living Fossil

It wasn’t until 1987 that a submersible observed the first living coelacanth, also in the Comoros Islands.

African penguins coming ashore on Boulder's Beach near Cape Town, South Africa

Meeting The Penguins Of Boulder Bay Beach

If you want to swim alongside these amazing penguins, Boulders Beach is the place to do so.


Calypso Dive Centre: In Search Of Durban’s Ghost Fleet

Since 2012, PADI Course Director and experienced tech diver Patrick Voorma has taken on the task of rediscovering Durban’s ghost fleet.

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