New to the diving community is the revolutionary Suunto Movescount, a user friendly tool to share all of your sporting activities with the world.  Mainly this community has been used for runners and bikers to share and record their times, as well as gain likes and achievements through the website.

Suunto has decided that they should give divers an equal opportunity to share their exciting dive adventures.  Movescount is a great visual tool for you to gain instant satisfaction from posting your dives to the world and sharing them with other divers.  With Movescount you can also log your own personal achievements without sharing with others if you’re feeling a little anti-social, or just want to surprise the world at a later date!

Scuba diving has been looking for a tool like this, and with Suunto being one of the leading suppliers of dive equipment it only seems fitting that they would have the tools to make this happen. The website has a nice interface, almost “Facebook like”, giving you the ability to add fans, follow athletes, join groups and customize your own profile.  A digital logbook if you will, with the ability to access from anywhere at anytime.  This is a also a great tool for finding new dive buddies and connecting with people that you have met through the site.  So bringing your laptop on vacation can now be mixed with your dive computer to record even more information about your awesome dives, and to record your bottom time accurately.  This is not ONLY a tool to record your scuba diving activity, it has almost every sport you can think of, and from martial arts to badminton you can record ALL of your sporting activities.


Every good technology company knows, if you make a web interface for your industry, you should most definitely make a tool to use it on the fly! Like the new Suunto D6i, which allows you to easily upload and store all of your dive information directly from your laptop to The watch itself is not different in any way from the D6, adding an “i” has only given it the ability to transfer directly to the website without any data having to be input by the user.  The Suunto D6 is a great wrist computer that could easily pull off being an expensive wrist watch.  When I travel and teach scuba diving my D4 never leaves my wrist, maybe it is time for me to upgrade to the D6i and start tracking my moves! This technology is new, and will begin to be a very exciting craze of sharing your healthy movements to your friends and newly acquired fans.

You can take a tour of Suunto Movescount by Clicking Here

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