Meridian is the styling of a luxury wrist watch with the soul of our most advanced dive computer.

Whether in SCUBA, APNEA or GAUGE mode, displays are visually clear and easy to navigate. Four intuitive +/- buttons get you quickly to more displays, advanced information and data. Highest marine grade 316L stainless steel housing and with two-toned brushed finishing for heavy duty longevity with designer looks.

In SCUBA mode, Meridian is more than complete.

  • Predictive Multi-Gas lets you carry 2 mixes (21% -100% O2 compatible) and calculates your decompression schedule.
  • Complete Dive Planner calculates not only no-deco time but also total ascent rate, settings, workload, previous dives etc. and includes both gases if applicable.
  • Optional Heart Rate Monitor senses effort, incorporates it into the workload calculation and then adapts the decompression algorithm, for safer diving.
  • Enhanced algorithm with Micro Bubble Levels and PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) optimizes your dive in complete security.
  • Adjustable ‘Reverse Display’ Backlight makes a major difference in low visibility waters. And  you choose the light duration, increasing battery life.

For APNEA divers, MERIDIAN is feature-packed, displaying current depth, dive time in minutes and seconds, ascent and descent speed, heart rate (if activated) and sequential number of dives. The manual start allows accurate timing and data and the faster sampling rates (every 0.25 seconds) ensure precise maximum depth. APNEA specific alarms and warnings (dual depth, incremental depth, dive time interval, surface interval, low heart rate and
ascent speed) plus adjustable water density and an APNEA specific log book make MERIDIAN a customized APNEA computer.

GAUGE mode provides essential information without decompression calculations for a high performing gauge which registers the dive profile for later analysis. Depth gauge operates to 120m and also monitors time & temperature. The one-press stop watch plus a continuously updated average depth display, which can be reset by the diver at any time, are MERIDIAN additions that make a difference. All audible and visual warnings/alarms, other than the low
battery alarm, are turned off.

AFTER the dive: No matter what kind of diving you do, you can download your profiles, visualize bookmark comments and change warnings/alarms/settings via SCUBAPRO LogTrak software. Compatible between Meridian and a Windows based PC or Mac OS via the optional
USB communication cradle.

A contemporary WATCH appreciated by both divers and watch lovers alike.

  • Displays date and time
  • Stop-Watch functions both underwater and on the surface
  • Built in thermometer
  • Altitude meter is convenient for additional mountain activities and you can even forecast the weather
  • UTC setting for easy time-zone adjustment
  • Wake up alarm even in silent mode
  • Battery status display option for periodic energy check

MSRP: Wrist $649