Gloves are less bulky and offer more dexterity, and the boots are more form fitting, supportive, and warmer.

Ellie Ergo Boots


These boots reduce heat loss by eliminating the zipper. Triple-glued and rubber-soled, the Ellie Ergo boots have been ergonomically designed with women’s smaller feet in mind. Available in women’s sizes 5-10 in both 5 and 7mm, they also have a formed instep, protective toes, and a heel cap.

Ava Gloves


Longer and narrower palms and fingers make these cold-water gloves ideal for women’s smaller hands.  There’s a rubberized palm for added grip, and the stretchy neoprene makes pulling them on and off easier and wearing them more comfortable. The neoprene is also thinner on the palms for added dexterity.

Cora Glovescora.png

More suited for protection than for cold, the Cora gloves have the same narrow palms and fingers as the Ava gloves. The soft, poly-suede palm offers both protection and comfort, and the ventilation holes make for quick drying. The fingertips also have reinforcement panels so the gloves will last longer, even after grabbing hold of barnacle-covered mooring lines.


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Wrap Up

  • Made for women by women
  • Fit
  • Sizes
  • Not enough color options