With an innovative 4-way stretch, their new neoprene has three times the stretch of standard suits. The softer, smoother inner fabric slides across your skin with ease, and with enough give to conform to your body. The arms and legs are also pre-bent, which reduces movement restriction and that awful elbow/knee bunch up.

Tech specs

  • New X-tend cuffs, an Aqua Lung exclusive – 7mm and 5mm models only
  •  Most suits in the market today use edge tape on the cuffs to create a finished look. Unfortunately, edge tape restricts the stretch of the cuff.  X-tend cuff technology provides a finished look without sacrificing stretch. Try one on and you will feel the difference.
  • Sharp, all new graphics!New seam lines on the women’s models provide an even better fit and make the suits more flattering
  • New, upgraded zipper with tighter teeth tolerances to minimize water transfer
  • The inside material has been upgraded again. The slippery soft material makes donning the suit a breeze.Improved neck closure eliminates chafing while providing maximum comfort

Because of the increased stretch, ankle and wrist zippers are unnecessary, which also means a warmer wetsuit — more zippers mean an increased risk of water exchange. The double-duty zipper in the back also has a 3-way seal that includes a spine pad.  The seal helps reduce water exchange and keep you warmer, while the pad increases your comfort when wearing a tank.

Necks are another common problem area. If the seal is tight enough to restrict water exchange, it’s often uncomfortable; if it’s comfortable, it’s letting in too much water. Aqua Lung’s neck seal has more give, so you won’t feel choked, yet it’s tight enough to keep warm water in and cold water out. The kidneys are another high-heat loss area, so Aqua Lung added extra insulation there too.


The tighter weave on the outside is resistant to abrasions, which gives the suit a longer life, meaning more bang for your buck. And perhaps best of all, the neoprene is not petroleum based, which makes it easier on the environment, as well as easier on you.  The suits come in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm; note that this is a base thickness, before any nylon layers are added.

High points:


  • Smoother, softer inner fabric
  • Pre-bent elbows and knees
  • 4-way stretch that has 3 times the stretch of standard neoprene
  • Neck, wrist and ankles have more give


  • No ankle or wrist zippers
  • 3-way back-zipper seal
  • Additional insulation over kidney area
  • Snug but flexible neck seal