If your underwater housing has ever flooded, then you know how unpleasant (and expensive) it can be. Just a few drops of water — especially salt water — can wreak havoc on a camera system, and usually result in a complete loss of equipment.

Not only is SeaLife’s new Micro 2.0 camera system compact, making it great for travel, but it also offers the benefits of a professional housing system in a self-contained camera. With no doors or openings, it’s virtually leak-proof. But don’t let its size fool you. This little camera doesn’t skimp when it comes to executing quality images.

On to the fun stuff: The Micro 2.0 camera system comes with a built-in fisheye lens that offers 130-degree angles. Shooters can capture big-picture scenes of anything from a vast reef to a dramatic wreck or a massive Goliath grouper.

Macro lovers will appreciate the Super Macro lens (sold separately) and the convenience of its rubber press-on feature. Users can change lenses at the surface or at depth by simply fitting it over the camera lens. Switching from wide-angle to macro is easy and the handy little safety lanyard ensures you won’t lose it during the process.

Throw in video capabilities that can capture not only HD but can also pull still images while shooting and it will be almost impossible to miss your shot.

The optional 64GB of internal memory and a high-capacity internal battery means you won’t need extra memory cards, spare batteries and O-rings. What’s even better: Thanks to a waterproof USB port and a quick battery charge of just three hours, you can accomplish last-minute file transfers and battery charges before a big dive in no time. That’s something any underwater photographer can appreciate.

Tech specs

All can be found on the SeaLife website.


  • 16 MP Sony CMOS image sensor
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • Built-in 130-degree fisheye lens
  • Permanently sealed and flood-proof to 200 feet (60 m)
  • Large piano-key controls
  • Waterproof USB port
  • SeaLife Micro Cam App
  • Four land and sea scene modes
  • Picture in video options
  • Instant focus lens
  • Manual ISO settings
  • Continuous shooting mode
  • 4 inch TFT color LCD panel

What’s included:

The Micro 2.0 is available at SeaLife dealers or online at SeaLife Factory Superstore.

  • Micro 2.0 32 or 64GB Wi-Fi underwater camera
  • Wrist strap
  • Lens cap
  • USB adapter/cable
  • Wall charger, plus and international wall-charger adapters
  • Camera pouch
  • Instruction manual 


9ScubaDiverLife score

SeaLife Micro 2.0

  • Long battery charge
  • Large LCD panel
  • Built-in fisheye lens
  • Easy-to-attach macro lens
  • Compact size
  • Slight shutter delay
  • Occasional delay swapping from camera to video

Overall, the SeaLife Micro 2.0 and the Super Macro Lens provide the perfect set-up for an underwater photographer who wants to dabble between wide-angle and macro techniques.

By guest author Tara Bradley Connell