Known for its remarkable diversity, the bridge is easily accessible to all diver levels from novices to experts.

On any dive at Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida, you’re guaranteed to encounter fascinating sea creatures. Known for its remarkable diversity, the bridge is easily accessible to all diver levels from novices to experts. Visitors should make sure to watch the tides, as it’s important to time your dives properly. With depths of only six to 22 feet, it’s easy to log plenty of bottom time, or even to pop in for a quick snorkel.

Sea Turtle

blue heron bridge

You never know what you’ll find under Blue Heron, from the tiniest macro life, to bigger residents like this green sea turtle.


blue heron bridge

Divers and snorkelers regularly see squid, octopus, blue-spotted rays and starfish along Blue Heron Bridge’s snorkel trail. Divers commonly spot these bridge residents as well.


blue heron bridge

If you’re looking for a great macro subject, look no further than the wacky but charming frogfish. This hairy frogfish poses for a perfect picture.

Flying gurnard

blue heron bridge

You’ll encounter seahorses, stingrays and nudibranchs at Blue Heron, but one of the coolest looking sea creatures out there is the flying gurnard, so be sure to snap a picture if you see one.

Moray eel

blue heron bridge

One of the most photogenic sea creatures under the bridge, the moray eel has long been a favorite of underwater photographers.

All photos were taken by Ryan Walton with SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 1500 set.

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