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Explorer Ventures Fleet First Liveaboard to Receive Green Fins Membership

Explorer Ventures Fleet received the first liveaboard membership of the Green Fins initiative, developed and monitored by The Reef-World Foundation.

In collaboration with The Reef-World Foundation, international coordinators of Green Fins, we are pleased to announce that our beloved Caribbean Explorer II (operating in Saba & St. Kitts) has become the very first liveaboard to receive a Green Fins membership.

What is Green Fins?

Green Fins is the only internationally recognized environmental standard for dive and snorkel operators, established through a partnership between United Nations (UN) Environment and The Reef World Foundation. Green Fins uses a unique and proven three-pronged approach: green certifications of dive centers, strengthening regulations and environmental education for dive staff, and divers and government. consistent reduction in threats to the marine environment have been measured within the 550-plus businesses that have implemented Green Fins across nine countries, reflecting continued improvements in environmental practice.


We are excited that our Caribbean-based vessel has become a pioneering liveaboard for the Green Fins initiative.

“We are aware that as a global dive business, we depend on a fragile marine ecosystem which is increasingly threatened by a multitude of factors worldwide,” says and operator Clay McCardell.

“We believe that we have an obligation and a responsibility to act as stewards of our environment, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the ocean as we do. Our goal is to enhance sustainability on our own operations, but more so, act as a leading liveaboard fleet for Green Fins. Explorer Ventures will continue to assist The Reef-World Foundation in establishing targeted liveaboard protocols which can eventually be adapted globally to any other operators that Green Fins brings onboard.”

Throughout 2018, the Explorer Venture’s team has worked closely with Reef-World as campaign partners for the Green Fins International Year of the Reef (IYOR) 2018 social media campaign as well as undertaking the very first Green Fins liveaboard assessment. Our impression is very positive so far, and Caribbean Explorer II is now the first official Green Fins liveaboard member. This initial collaboration is just a small portion of our strengthening symbiotic partnership. We will continue to work with Reef-World and we look forward to nurturing even more positive and impactful change for our oceans. After all, a healthy ocean is a healthy business.

For more information please visit Explorer Ventures.  


About Explorer Ventures

The Explorer Ventures liveaboard diving fleet offers five destinations including the Northeastern Caribbean (Saba/St. Kitts), the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Galapagos Islands and Indonesia. The M/V Turks & Caicos Explorer II also spends 10 weeks in the winter/spring offering snorkeling with humpback whales on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, under charter to Aquatic Adventures.

About The Reef-World Foundation & Green Fins

Reef-World supports governments and communities in sustainable consumption and production of coastal resources and marine life. This is done through the Green Fins initiative, established and implemented in partnership with UN Environment. Green Fins is a free membership program for participating businesses that provide scuba diving or snorkeling activities and pledge to follow a set of best environmental practices. 

Contact Rachel Huber, Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet for more details.