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Divers Making a Difference

Divers put their hearts together and always try to make a difference for those needing compassion and support the most.

Divers are some of the most caring individuals in the world. The water creates a common bond and everlasting friendships are built on the love of the ocean. Divers put their hearts together and always try to make a difference for those needing compassion and support the most.

For instance, in the month of August, Deep Blue Adventures which is a dive travel wholesaler along with the popular scuba equipment manufacturer, Aqua Lung, are teaming up with some local dive retailers in Gibsonburg, Ohio, to lead the efforts for a ‘Finding The Cure’ event set to take place on August 3, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. It is all about coming together to try and help find a cure for breast cancer. There will be a dive with a treasure hunt, silent auction, raffle, Bar-B-Q lunch and lots more. On this day of giving, all proceeds go to a designated cancer organization or charity. There is a chance to win diving equipment from Aqua Lung, dive classes, travel and other fabulous prizes. Sponsors of the event include Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire, Atlantis Dive Resorts and Aggressor. So not only do those afflicted with breast cancer get much needed awareness, financial and moral support, but divers also win in the world of scuba.

Then there is the passionate group known as ‘Diving For A Cause’. They have let their passion for diving and spearfishing channel into a humanitarian path assisting children and communities in need all over the world. Making a difference in the lives of others is what their dream is all about. Their work includes donating harvested fish back to communities where the resources can be used to feed those most in need. Proceeds from the fish also go to fund schools and medical clinics. ‘Diving For A Cause’ is a group that really likes to get into the heart of helping. Besides diving, they go right into communities and plant trees, participate in group community projects and even help to refurbish schools. One of the most rewarding parts of their goodness is teaching young children to snorkel and appreciate all the wonders of the ocean. With each destination they visit, this group of determined divers leave children with gifts of backpacks, tablets, pens, markers and crayons. Two times each year they host charity fundraisers. One spearfishing charity event is for children suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. The other is for Ovarian Cancer Research in honor of Bonnie Row who is an accomplished diver representing the USA in the World Spearfishing Championship in Chili. The non-profit group has also had the opportunity to work on behalf of food banks in the past. With each destination of diving, they are making an impact on the lives of others.


The Dive Pirates Foundation is making quite a name for itself as well. They are another passionate group of divers who put their passion equally towards diving and their communities. The Dive Pirates support, train,equip and provide dive travel to individuals with disabilities through Classified Scuba Diving. It is all based on camaraderie, compassion, freedom to dive and the code of conduct. The Dive Pirates have an admirable vision; creating a community of disabled divers that will dive and travel in the mainstream world of scuba diving through education and overcoming obstacles. What could be more beautiful than that? The learning experience takes place as a training philosophy addressing the specific needs of a disabled individual, trains to that specific disability and then prepares that individual to dive with mainstream Open Water Divers. These special group of divers are first taught the standard skills then move on to train beside a Classified Buddy filling in the gaps for the disabled diver. What an awesome way to share the magical world of scuba diving and give back.


Lastly, SUDS brings the enjoyment of diving to our soldiers that have fought diligently to keep our country safe. SUDS stands for Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba. Every day this ambitious organization improves the lives of injured service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Through this rewarding water activity, the entire rehabilitation process is facilitated and mobility is promoted. Each of the returning soldiers can learn at their own pace so it becomes an even more enjoyable sport. Because of all the great work that SUDS has done, its supporters include DAN(Divers Alert Network), the American Red Cross and,one of the largest online diving communities.

These humanitarian organizations make me very proud to be a scuba diver. There is so much that we can do to make a difference in the lives of others every day whether it be small or large and through dedicated efforts, more enthusiastic individuals are introduced into the exceptional world of scuba diving.