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The site aims to make booking a dive vacation easy and stress-free by allowing divers to organize everything through a single website. first launched in May 2014, as the brainchild of a group of passionate divers who decided to address the absence of a one-stop dive-booking website. The site aims to make booking a dive vacation easy and stress-free by allowing divers to organize everything through a single website, instead of comparing countless different sites before making a final decision. With the support of advanced technology, this website collates information about dive destinations, dive centers and dive sites worldwide to help you plan the perfect dive vacation. It also offers information about accommodation options, facilitates secure and easy booking, and promises excellent customer service for the duration of your trip, from the moment you decide on a destination to the moment you return home. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the features that make so exciting.


Advanced Search Facility

Upon arrival at the home page, divers may choose from a selection of featured destinations or input a request into the site’s search bar. The search facility includes options to narrow down the results at the first step, i.e., you can search for recreational diving, for courses, or for tech diving specifically. You are also required to input your selected dates so that the search results reflect availability as well as the most accurate prices. As soon as you enter the first three characters into the search bar, the system suggests available options including country, destination, and dive site or hotel thanks to the bar’s direct connectivity to Google. Cleverly, the search bar will suggest the correct name of a destination or dive site regardless of the language in which users type it; and, if has no matches for the primary search request, it can suggest the closest dive to the requested location. The search results are listed so that important details of each dive center are displayed, allowing users to see at a glance whether or not the center meets their personal requirements, i.e. the cost of a single dive, the cost of a dive package, the dive center’s affiliated teaching organization and more.


Detailed Information

Every dive center listed on has its own landing page. Product descriptions, prices, booking policies and availability are all kept updated by the dive center itself and are simply displayed for the website user’s convenience. Products are presented both in terms of single dives and dive packages, and prices change according to the dates set by the user. Uniquely, each dive center page also features details of the specific dive sites the center offers, which gives divers an idea of the region’s highlights. Each page also features a list of accommodation options within easy reach of the dive center. Some centers may offer their own hotel recommendation based on the needs of visiting divers, which are listed under the “recommended with transfer” tab of the accommodation section on each page. also allows divers to book their accommodation directly, making it possible to organize your entire trip through a single website.



One of the website’s most exciting visual features is its range of maps, each one designed to make choosing and booking a dive vacation that much easier. uses three maps; a world map, which offers a global view of individual dive centers, dive sites and hotels; a country map with a more detailed view of the same facilities; and a destination map that features the dive centers, sites and hotels that relate to a specific destination only. On each map, users can filter hotels by their star rating, making it easy to find one that fits your budget and requirements.

The prices published on the site are determined by the dive centers themselves, each of which has committed to providing website users with the best possible rate for any item booked. does not charge its users any additional booking fees.

Easy, Secure Booking

Once you’ve decided on your dive center, you can book directly through the website; each dive center’s page features an orange “book now” button. The next page will ask for personal information, and in some cases, for credit card details. After completing the booking, users will receive an immediate confirmation email, and will forward an email to the dive center, informing them of the booking. Whether or not you are asked to provide credit card details during the booking process depends on each dive center’s requirements. Should a credit card guarantee be necessary, sends your details directly to the dive center via secure channel in two separate parts, first through a secured email and then via a website admin panel. does not store credit card details, and neither will they ask for CVV codes. Customers may book without entering their card details immediately even if a dive center requires a credit card guarantee by using the site’s suspended credit card functionality, which allows users to enter their details at a later stage once they’re ready to commit.

Customer Support features a dedicated customer support team, which is on hand to offer assistance through every step of the booking process. Once you’ve booked, the team member assigned to your case will double check the availability with the dive center in question and work to preempt any problems that could affect your booking. will contact your chosen dive center one day before your arrival and one day before the end of your stay there to ensure that everything has gone as expected on your trip. The website also features live chat functionality, so that you can seek immediate professional consultation from the team should you need it.