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Deepblu Launches Dive Pro Campaign — Pros Can Validate Logs, Win Dive Computers

Pros can validate logs and win a COSMIQ in the new DeepBlu campaign “Dive Like a Pro.”

Deepblu has announced a campaign, aptly called “Dive Like A Pro,” to share the benefits of their support features for dive pros. Through the app, pros can connect with students, share dive logs, validate training logs, and use their pages to gain exposure within the industry.

In the campaign, Deepblu is attracting pros to the platform by raising awareness of these features, as well as giving perks out to the community. The “Dive Like a Pro” event is giving out 10 pairs of Deepblu COSMIQ dive computers to pros and their students who verify logs on the platform; in addition, those pros who don’t win are eligible for one of 30 surface marker buoys.

Learn more about it and win: 

Perfect for Pros

Why are dive professionals using Deepblu to verify customers’ logs? Because it’s convenient, easy-to-use, and dive pros can build their own reputations on Deepblu.

Now, with new features such as dive-log verification, it’s easier than ever to get things done out on the water. Leaving behind soggy pens and paper, students can send their dive log to their pro via the platform and have it validated with a simple click.

In addition to being a dive tool, Deepblu is the fastest growing online community for divers. This means pros can share video, stories, logs, photos, and links that get their brand out into the world. With this kind of connectivity, there’s virtually no limit to what we can do.

Check out the latest video on “Seven Features That Benefit Dive Pros on Deepblu,”  and contact DeepBlu at [email protected] for more information.