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Deep Diver | Padi Speciality Course

Following your initial scuba dives, you'll begin to want to explore deeper.

There is something mysterious and exciting concerning the depth that attracts divers. The advantages of completing the Deep Diver Specialty will be numerous. A couple of the benefits include a deeper look inside narcosis, buoyancy, decompression illness, air consumption and additional problems related to diving, yet particularly vital for the ones who want to venture into deep diving.

When’s the last time you practiced skills of air sharing? For many, the answer might be “never,” yet our ease with this fundamental skill could make all the difference within an out-of-air occasion at one-hundred and ten feet. A review of this type of skill, the expansion of a few fundamental skills, as well as the introduction of a few other crucial newer ones, are a portion of what’s studied within the course. It will increase the depth limitation of your certification. Many divers forget that the depth limitation for divers with the Advanced Open Water certification will be only one-hundred feet.

The Great Aspect

The great aspect of this course will be the chance to explore the exhilirating deep.

Earn Credit for College

Students might have the ability to get college credit for this course.

You’ll be Learning:

• Experience in organizing, planning, and making a minimum of 4 deep sea dives underneath the authority of the instructor

• Techniques for diving within a deeper range of eighteen to forty meters/sixty to one-hundred and thirty feet and

deep diving equipment considerations

The Following Adventure

Most shipwrecks will be oftentimes discovered within deeper water. That is why the Deep Diver course will be a companion to the Wreck Diver cou rse. At times, it’s possible to take 2 specialties concurrently. Additional training to think about will be the Enriched Air Diver course, then the Master Scuba Diver course.

Before taking this course one must:

– Be at least fifteen years of age

– Have at least a certification of Advanced Open Water or the equivalent

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