Debris Month of Action

Stop the Ocean’s Silent Killer - Scuba Divers Fight Back Against Marine Debris

Every day, scuba divers around the world battle the ocean’s silent killer – marine debris – from beneath the surface. Their mission during this September’s Debris Month of Action? To inspire year-round action to remove, report and prevent underwater debris while combating the growing marine debris problem.

More than six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter the ocean each year. Once there, our trash accumulates and includes everything from plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles to car batteries, fishing nets and industrial waste.

Project AWARE is engaging the dive community in the fight against marine debris. By participating in Debris Month of Action this September, divers and ocean advocates can:

  • Dive Against Debris with a dive buddy or join a community event. Divers and event organizers can grab the toolkit and report debris data online to help drive change.
  • Make a gift that helps prevent the deaths of thousands of marine animals who eat or get tangled in litter each year.
  • Now, through September 2013, Dive Against Debris sponsor, Oris Watches, will match your donation up to $10,000.
  • Pledge to Dive Against Debris all year round. The first 50 Dive Against Debris Heroes to take the pledge will receive a t-shirt to wear with pride.

“Marine debris kills countless marine species silently and needlessly each year. But divers are using their unique skills to fight back and contribute the underwater debris data needed to show the true extent of the marine debris problem and devise solutions,” says Alex Earl, Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation.

“Diving has long been a part of the Oris heritage and we are delighted to support Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris program. We have always been a supporter of marine conservation and ocean debris is a problem that many people are not aware of. Through our matching program, we are hoping to bring more awareness to this issue and help protect the ocean,” says Ulrich Herzog, Executive Chairman, Oris Watches.

Pervasive debris kills wildlife, destroys habitats and threatens our health and economy. Found in even the most remote ocean places, once underwater, debris can remain for generations. Together, we can stop marine debris by taking local action and supporting policy change.

For more information and to download the tools to take action, visit

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