Darwin’s Dream: The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos offers visitors unbelievable wildlife encounters both above and below the water.

The Glorious Galapagos Islands

Charles Darwin has undoubtedly influenced the way we view the world. His discoveries in the Galapagos Islands lead to a new way of thinking about science, and if you ever visit, you’ll see why immediately. The Galapagos Islands offer visitors unbelievable wildlife encounters both above and below the water. The diving is spectacular, and to truly experience everything Galapagos diving has to offer you’ll want to book a liveaboard. Wolf and Darwin Islands are home to massive quantities of sharks, from Galapagos to silky to schooling hammerheads. The real stars are the whale sharks, but you must visit from late summer to early fall to see them. On a recent visit we even saw orcas. On the west side of Fernandina Island you’ll see marine iguanas swimming, as well as penguins hunting. On one dive, we saw six mola mola, a manta ray, three sea lions, nudibranchs, red-lipped batfish and a Galapagos shark — and that was on just one dive. Certainly if you travel all the way to Galapagos you’ll also want to spend some time doing some land tours. Seymour Island is not to be missed, along with Santa Cruz for the famed giant tortoises.