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DAN Collaborates with Dive Damai

Dive Damai and DAN Asia-Pacific are proud to announce a collaboration to provide guests on their yachts with short-term insurance — free of charge.

Dive Damai and DAN Asia-Pacific have announced a collaboration to provide guests on their yachts with short-term insurance, completely free of charge.

“For the past eight years, Damai has been redefining the concept of live-aboard diving, providing superior quality yachts and pioneering the luxury live-aboard lifestyle,” says Alberto Reija Gracia, owner of Dive Damai. “Offering our guests this exclusive insurance package is the clear step forward to providing the ultimate live-aboard service.”

Dive Damai, offering year-round luxury dive cruises throughout the Indonesian archipelago, has always taken diver comfort and safety very seriously, from the design of their live-aboards to the high-tech safety equipment installed aboard their yachts.

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When traveling to remote locations such as Raja Ampat or the Forgotten Islands, having comprehensive dive insurance is just as vital as ensuring your regulator is functioning correctly. Dive Damai, as the first live-aboard operator to offer free insurance, ensures their guests can travel and dive with the confidence that if something does go wrong, they are fully covered.

“We looked at several options and decided that DAN Asia-Pacific provided the most appropriate and comprehensive insurance policy for our divers,” says Gracia. “The high level of service and customer response that DAN AP shows is on a par with our own, and we only choose the best for our guests.”

The DAN AP short-term coverage policy includes diver accident/illness, medical coverage and emergency evacuation up to U.S. $100,000. Rebreather and mixed-gas divers are also covered and 24/7 emergency assistance is provided. For further information on the insurance coverage or to book your trip, visit the Dive-Damai website.