Capturing Underwater Paradise on Film

Photography takes on a whole new meaning underwater. Born from a love of the ocean and a passion for the images that will amaze your eyes as well as the marine habitat it holds, many ocean photography festivals have become an annual underwater extravaganza in different portions of the world.

Coming up on August 24, 2013, will be the captivating Cairns Underwater Film Festival.

Whether you are inquisitive about a world you have yet to experience or are a seasoned diver wanting to relive the magic, the Cairns Civic Theatre will be the place to travel to. The festival will celebrate underwater photography and filmmaking. The focus is on one of the most bewitching regions in the world filled with an assorted mix of the most fascinating sea life of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. The film festival showcases underwater imagery from not only this particular area, but from other parts of the globe as well. It is sure to give you a greater appreciation of nature and the wonders it produces. The festival is organized by volunteers who have a passion for sharing world-class imagery. This is also a photo competition unleashing some of the finest local and international photography talent. As they say,  “Cairns Underwater Film Festival is all about celebrating the underwater world and getting out there, enjoying it, minimizing our impact and preserving it for the future.” For the 7th year, the Cairns Underwater Film Festival will put its profit back into the marine environment through local projects and organizations such as the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, Minke Whale Project and Tangaroa Blue. Along with the causes it supports, the list of major 2013 sponsors is very impressive. Topping the list is Mike Ball Dive Expeditions of Australia, Oceanic, PADI, Pro Dive Cairns and Reef Magic Cruises.

WEB Fangtastic-FINAL

Not only is Cairns catering to photo and film professionals as well as amateurs, but the Cayman Islands, a paradise beyond belief, is currently holding their underwater photography competition. A novel idea hosted by the Cayman Islands Tourist Association (CITA), this photography competition gives not only professionals but amateurs, locals and even visitors the opportunity to capture beauty beheld beyond the deep on film for all to witness and treasure again and again. It takes place in conjunction with the 9th Annual International Underwater Film Festival. The photography must be taken in the Cayman Islands but what a wonderful way to promote the enticing marine life, corals and beautiful blue waters of a tropical wonderland. Categories include fish/turtles/stingrays, Unusual, Critter/Macro, Scenic and Creative. The competition continues from July 15th all the way through October 25, 2013 and all submittals will be judged by well-known experts of the industry, namely Cathy Church and photographers, Ellen Cuylaerts and Patrick Weir.  The winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at the Underwater Film Festival with some top-notch prizes to be awarded. The Film Festival is sponsored by Divers Alert Network (DAN).

These are just a couple of the creative competitions bringing the diverse angles of film and photography many feet below the surface of the ocean. Once you take the daring plunge into a whole new world of awe-inspiring images right before your very eyes, you will no doubt become hooked. What a great way to share the love of diving and marine habitat with others all over the world.