Calypso is to Sail Again

Probably no dive boat is more iconic than the Calypso, captained by the father of scuba diving himself, Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Cousteau and the Calypso are synonymous with the spirit of exploration and discovery, and not least for bring to our attention  many dive sites that are today so popular. And now, the famed vessel is to sail again.

The Calypso began life as British Royal Navy minesweeper. It was also, for a short time, a ferry in Malta before being converted into a research vessel for Cousteau. The ship was severely damaged when a barge accidentally rammed and sank it in Singapore harbor in 1996. The ship was raised and patched up but no further work was undertaken.

Calypso Will Sail Again

The Cousteau Society has announced that this year the Calypso will finally begin undergoing repairs after a 20-year fight to save the vessel. Having purchased the ship, the society plans a full refurbishment of the boat thanks to a generous group of international donors.

I’m sure all Scuba Diver Life fans will be excited to hear this news and look forward to getting updates on the refurbishment progress – we will endeavor to keep you updated as news unfolds of Calypso‘s return to the seas.

Cover image by René Beauchamp
Featured image by Peter Potrowl