Nicole Helgason

Nicole Helgason

Nicole Helgason is a PADI Dive Instructor with nine years of professional dive experience. She has taught scuba diving in Canada, Dominican Republic and Indonesia, and has managed dive centers in Mozambique and Baja, Mexico. Nicole has a bachelor’s degree in coastal geography from the University of Victoria and is passionate about coral restoration and coral reefs. She has a website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Stories by Nicole
Acropora coral
Conservation Marine Species

Identifying Acropora Corals in the Caribbean

Acropora corals, commonly known as staghorn or elkhorn corals, are one of the most abundant — and recognizable — corals worldwide.

In the Water Marine Species Resources

Caribbean Coral Roundup: Star Coral

Star coral may not be the flashiest species, but this vital reef-building coral dominates Caribbean reefs. Here’s how to identify star coral when you see it on your next dive.

Scuba Diving in Tela
Dive Locations In the Water Travel

Scuba Diving in Tela, Honduras

Although it takes a bit of work to access, the scuba diving in Tela, Honduras, is well worth the effort.

Photograph Corals
In the Water Photo & Video

How to Identify and Photograph Corals

Underwater photography tends to focus on megafauna or macro animal subjects. But learning how to identify and photograph corals can be just as exciting.

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