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Cutest Underwater Animals
Marine Species In the Water

Ten Cutest Underwater Animals

Although it’s hard to narrow down the list, here are our picks (in no particular order) for the 10 cutest underwater animals.

ocean's smallest creatures
Marine Species In the Water

Eight of the Ocean’s Smallest Creatures

Although we often look for big animals when we go diving, the ocean’s smallest creatures deserve our attention as well. Here are a few of our favorites.

ugliest ocean creatures
Marine Species In the Water

Eight Ugliest Ocean Creatures

Although we hesitate to use the word “ugly,” it’s true that some of the ocean’s citizens are less fetching than others. Here then are our picks for the eight ugliest ocean creatures.

diving with a dive guide
Training In the Water

Diving with a Dive Guide

Many of us dive with well-known buddies or a dive group, but diving with a dive guide is always a good idea if you’re unfamiliar waters.

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Stay-Focused, the Beacon of Opportunity in Cayman

Non-profit organization Stay-Focused recently sponsored four weeks of diving for divers with disabilities in Grand Cayman
by Guest Author

More Than 2,000 Sharks Die in San Francisco Bay

Scientists are trying to explain a massive die-off of leopard sharks, Pacific angel sharks, and brown smooth-hound sharks in the San Francisco Bay.
by Thomas Gronfeldt
PADI specialties

Most Challenging PADI Specialties

Leaving your comfort zone (in gradual and controlled circumstances) can make you a better diver. What are the most challenging PADI specialties to help you grow?
by Andy Phillips
Ear Barotrauma

Training Fundamentals: Ear Barotrauma

The most common scuba diving-related injury is ear barotrauma. Why does it happen, and how can you avoid it?
by Marcus Knight