Andy Phillips

Course Director at Utila Dive Centre

Andy Phillips has been a PADI Platinum Course Director since 2005 and also an IANTD Instructor trainer, specializing in training Divemasters and Instructors and rebreather and trimix Instructors. He lives in Utila, one of Honduras’ Bay Islands, and works for the Utila Dive Center, an award-winning PADI Career Development Center. Andy has been involved in the scuba diving industry as a professional instructor trainer since 2001. He is also an active and avid educator and explorer, with special interests in rebreather, technical and cave diving and has led many rebreather diving expeditions to the Galapagos, and has hundreds of dives in the caves of the Yucatan Peninsula. Andy also consults on the business side of diving with many dive centers and professionals, and was recently selected as a PADI AmbassaDiver.

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