Rolling in the Deep


by Dustin Adamson

Underwater macro video can be tricky. You have to get the right lighting. You have to get a subject that will cooperate with you. You have to keep it in focus, steady…etc..etc…etc. But sometimes you need a little luck too. Behavior can be hard to come by when you have 2000 lumen lights shining down on your subject. The lights and your bubbles don’t exactly evoke confidence in you underwater subject. Finding subjects that have eggs like the boxer crab and peacock Mantis Shrimp are also difficult to find and film as well. This Rolling in the Deep video was filmed in the Philippines and Indonesia at some of the best critter dive sites in the world. The mix of creatures that are on this video is on every underwater photographer/videographer list when they get to a destination. This was all filmed with the Canon 5d Mark II camera, with a 100mm macro lens.

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