Frogfish Finds Nemo


Everyone loves the movie “Finding Nemo,” but in real life, things can be a little more cutthroat than in an animated film.

A Real-Life Finding Nemo

Everyone loves Finding Nemo. But in real life, things can be a little more cutthroat than in an animated film. While I was in Bali, my wife was taking a picture of a beautiful frogfish. When my turn came, I set up my camera and shined the lights on it. The frogfish began to move, and wouldn’t stop, which can be frustrating when trying to shoot macro.

As I was trying to stay with it, and keep it in frame and in focus, it lunged for a nearby anemonefish. I missed the shot, which was completely out of focus and not framed well. Luckily for the anemonefish, the frogfish missed too. So, given a second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime shot, I set up my camera, framed the shot…and waited. By this time the frogfish was staying still. After about 15 minutes, the anemonefish wandered far enough away from its host anemone, and…well, you’ll just have to watch the video to see who comes out on top when a frogfish does his own finding nemo.

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