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Aug 14

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

ScubaScales hoovering upside down

After getting their initial certification, many newer divers wonder about the advantages of taking additional specialties.  What will they learn? Is it worth the money? Will it really help them? ... Read More

Mar 18

Carbon Monoxide & Scuba Diving


Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas created largely by burning fossil fuels, their derivatives and certain other combustable materials. Unfortunately, every so often, carbon monoxide claims a... Read More

Dec 31

Scuba Diving | Ice Diving Trip Report


In February '11, The Edge Diving Centre hosted a scuba ice diving trip to Edmonton, Alberta. On this trip, divers were certified in ice and altitude diving. Narrow Lake was... Read More

Dec 10

Scuba iPhone App | Diving Dude


Singapore – Diving Dude, the social scuba iphone app, has announced the launch of its first iPhone, iPod Touch app, featuring an exclusive platform that will allow its users to... Read More

Dec 8

Video Post: C-58 & The Cancun Underwater Museum

Statues at the Cancun Underwater Museum

In August of 2011, Scuba Diver Life ventured off to Mexico to meet up with Dive Cooperative for our “Dream Extreme” trip and explore some of the best Diving that Mexico has... Read More

Nov 22

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Dive Computer


“Before ATOMIC, there was no best in scuba diving,” says the slogan of Atomic Aquatics. And indeed it’s true when it comes to their Atomic Aquatics Range, which has been... Read More

Nov 13

Video Post: Discovering Cavern Diving in Cenote Mexico

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 6.07.10 PM

Scuba Diver Life ventured off to Mexico in August of 2011 to meet up with Dive Cooperative for our "Dream Extreme" trip and explore some of the best Diving that Mexico... Read More

Oct 23

Scuba Cartoon | Are You Certified?


Scuba Cartoon:  Are You Certified? This is the second of our scuba cartoons series by Jerry King. Let us know what you think and submit your own if you have any!... Read More

Oct 18

Point’n’Click vs SLR | Scuba Diving


Point and Click vs SLR is a quiet argument that simmers in the background of many underwater photographer's minds. It used to be a matter of amateur hour versus serious... Read More

Oct 16

Lesson 2: Wait, wait… where’s my weights?


My first dive at one of the most famous dive locations on Okinawa- Maeda Point- was also my second non-class dive ever and I was the usual excited and nervous!... Read More