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Shark Finning
Conservation In the Water

What is Shark Finning?

Millions of sharks lose their lives each year at the hands of fishermen in search of their fins. What is shark finning, and why is it damaging to ecosystems?

ice diving
Training In the Water

An Introduction to Ice Diving

When the temperature outside is below freezing, you might not consider a dive. But after an introduction to ice diving, you might change your mind.

Lionfish Culling
Training In the Water

Lionfish Culling in the Cayman Islands

Native to the Indo-Pacific, the beautiful but invasive lionfish is wreaking havoc on Caribbean reefs. Many nations, including the Cayman Islands, have resorted to lionfish culling to address the problem.

Dive Sites in Chuuk Lagoon
Wrecks Dive Locations In the Water

Best Dive Sites in Chuuk Lagoon

Chuuk (also known as Truk) Lagoon is famous for its prolific WWII wrecks. Among all these submerged treasures, these are the best dive sites in Chuuk Lagoon.

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Truli Wetsuits

Truli Wetsuits for Women Reveals its Most Colorful Wetsuit Yet

Truli Wetsuits for Women announces a new color, new collection, additional size and a sale to celebrate.
by Press Release
Kelly Slater

Did Kelly Slater Really Just Call for a Shark Cull?

After the death of a bodyboarder due to a shark attack in Reunion Island, pro surfer Kelly Slater thinks a shark cull is in order.
by Rebecca Strauss
Light & Motion Sola

Troubleshooting Tips for Light & Motion Sola Lights

The Light & Motion Sola line is one of the best and simplest underwater imaging lights ever created. It’s also one of Backscatter’s best sellers.
by Press Release
shark finning

First Criminal Charges for Shark Finning in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican court has, for the first time, served criminal charges for shark finning and sentenced a Taiwanese business owner to prison.
by Kathryn Curzon