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Agulhas, South Africa

Visibility:50 to 100 feet (15 to 30 m)
When to go:November to February is peak blue and mako shark season
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Aliwal Shoal, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Aliwal Shoal

Diving Aliwal Shoal

Hanging out with Humpbacks

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Cape St. Francis, South Africa

Dive Site: The chokka run of Cape St. Francis, South Africa

Visibility:7 to 30 feet (2 to 10 meters)
When to go:November
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Protea Banks, South Africa

Protea Banks

Dive Site: Protea Banks, South Africa

Visibility:17-130 feet/5-40 meters
When to go:: Year-round: November to July for bull sharks, March to June for tigers, June to October for ragged-tooth sharks, and October to February for hammerheads.
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South Africa

Shark Dives in South Africa

Top Five Shark Dives in South Africa

South African Humpback Whale Party

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St. Johns, South Africa

Gearing Up For South Africa’s Sardine Run

When to go:June/July
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The Produce, Aliwal Shoal

My Favorite Dive: The Produce, Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

Depth:39 - 114 feet (12 - 35 meters)
Visibility:75 feet (23 m) plus Feb-Apr 30 to 75 feet (9 to 23 m) May-Jan
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