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Darwin Island, Galapagos

Darwin Island

Dive Site: Darwin Island, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland: Part VII

Darwin’s Wonderland – Part VI

Depth:9 – 40+ meters (30 – 130+ feet)
Visibility:12 – 24 meters (40 – 80 feet)
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Darwin and Wolf Islands

Darwin and Wolf Islands: Gems of the Galapagos

Galapagos Islands

The Greatest Hits of the Galapagos Islands

marine encounters in the Galapagos Islands

Top Five Marine Encounters in the Galapagos Islands

Best Dive Sites in the Galapagos Islands

Best Dive Sites in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Evolution Expedition

The Galapagos Evolution Expedition

Marine Iguanas – Galapagos Islands

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Isabela Island, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland – Part III

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Puerto Ayora, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland: Part VIII

Diving Bucket List #13 – Galapagos

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Punta Carrion, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland – Part IV

Depth:90 FT +
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Santiago Island, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland: Part II

When to go:Year Round
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Sullivan Bay, Santiago Island, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland: Part I

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Wolf Island, Galapagos

Wolf Island

Dive Site: Wolf Island, Galapagos

Darwin’s Wonderland – Part V

Depth:5 - >20m
Visibility:Often 100 feet (30m)
Location:Galapagos, Ecuador
Best places to dive:Shark Bay, The Landslide, The Pinnacle, The Anchorage, The Caves, North Islet and The Elephant (strong currents and under-surge)
When to go:Year-round, but with some explanation: January to May has the warmest waters, best visibility, and warmest air temps, with lots of sun and afternoon rains. June to December has the coldest waters but higher chances of seeing larger marine life, such as whale sharks from Sept to Dec. 
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titan triggerfish

Marine Species: Titan Triggerfish

With impressive teeth and vibrant colors, titan triggerfish are the biggest among the species. And although they’re beautiful, divers should beware of this territorial fish.
by Hélène Reynaud

Every Dive Counts: Paralenz Launches New Brand and Mission

Every Dive Counts: Paralenz launches new brand and mission
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solitary corals

Introduction to Solitary Corals of the Indo-Pacific

Most corals are colonial animals with hundreds to thousands of tiny polyps, but solitary corals of the Indo-Pacific are a single-polyp species that lives freely on the ocean floor.
by Nicole Helgason
free diving internship

The Free Diving Internship Debate

Anytime the topic of free diving internships comes up in diving forums, it sparks heated debate. Should dive candidates work for free — or not?
by Juanita Pienaar