Hayley-Jo Carr

Bahamas coral reef

27 Oct 2020
Bahamas Coral Reef Report Card

The Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) recently released the latest edition of its Coral Reef Report Card. The report card grades Bahamian coral reef ecosystem health and assesses ongoing threats, while outlining successful measures needed to reverse the decline of coral reefs.

Lionfish in the Bahamas

11 Oct 2016
Hunting Lionfish in the Bahamas

By now, most divers know about the negative impacts invasive lionfish are having in the northwestern Atlantic and on Caribbean reefs. The PADI Invasive Lionfish Tracker course is helping address the problem in the Bahamas.

rescue diver course

07 Jul 2016
Becoming a Rescue Diver

Although diving accidents happen infrequently, things can, and do, go wrong. Becoming a Rescue Diver helps prepare you to solve these problems and also to prevent them from happening in the first place.