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Lesson #3: The Dives That Never Happened

The vis is terrible out there! Not even five feet!” The disappointed diver said as he climbed up the seawall steps towards our party.

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Lesson 2: Wait, wait… where’s my weights?

My first dive at one of the most famous dive locations on Okinawa- Maeda Point- was also my second non-class dive ever and I was the usual excited and nervous!

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How do you get in the ocean when you’re terrified of it?

I’ll never forget my first memory of the ocean, it was around my 25th birthday and I had just moved to Virginia.

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What’s to Gain From a New Scuba Diver

Why read an article written by a “newb”? Or as I’m thinking of coining it- a “newba diver”? Too cheesy? Hm, well, let’s continue then.

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marbled grouper

Marbled Grouper Spawning in French Polynesia

The yearly marbled grouper spawning in Fakarava, French Polynesia attracts thousands of grey reef sharks.
by Chris Vyvyan-Robinson
Jill Heinerth

Scuba Diver Life Interviews Author and Explorer Jill Heinerth

“If I die, it will be in the most glorious place nobody has ever seen.” So begins the breathtaking book, Into the Planet part of our personal interview with famed cave diver, Jill Heinerth.
by Beth McCrea

Preserving America’s Underwater Battlefield: the Tamaulipas

This year, Scuba Diver Life and NOAA are partnering to profile 12 different ships in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. This month we visit the Tamaulipas.
by Guest Author
dive industry

New Brand Partnership Advocates for Stronger Dive Industry Collaboration

A new brand partnership advocates for stronger dive industry collaboration to catalyze exploration, ocean awareness, and inclusivity
by News Release