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Lesson #3: The Dives That Never Happened

The vis is terrible out there! Not even five feet!” The disappointed diver said as he climbed up the seawall steps towards our party.

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Lesson 2: Wait, wait… where’s my weights?

My first dive at one of the most famous dive locations on Okinawa- Maeda Point- was also my second non-class dive ever and I was the usual excited and nervous!

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How do you get in the ocean when you’re terrified of it?

I’ll never forget my first memory of the ocean, it was around my 25th birthday and I had just moved to Virginia.

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What’s to Gain From a New Scuba Diver

Why read an article written by a “newb”? Or as I’m thinking of coining it- a “newba diver”? Too cheesy? Hm, well, let’s continue then.

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Great Barrier Reef

Mission Complete: The Great Barrier Reef Survey

Marine biologist and underwater photographer Johnny Gaskell recently explored the Great Barrier Reef in search of the truth on its current condition.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Southern California Sea Life

Beneath the waves lies a wonderland — Southern California sea life inhabits a magical realm, including forests, canyons and caves. Here are some highlights.
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Sharks and Rays on the IUCN Red List

The IUCN Red List was established to track threatened species. Unfortunately, 28 sharks and rays appear on the list. Here’s the lowdown on 20 of them.
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Saving Sebastian — A Story With a Happy Ending

Tired of hearing tear-inducing awful news? Check out Sebastian the crab's story — with a happy ending.
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