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Is Your Sunscreen Killing Corals?

With the summer season fast approaching, there has been a resurgence of concern over water-enthusiasts’ sunscreens potentially harming fragile coral reef systems.


10 Easy Steps to Protect Coral Reefs

Feel overwhelmed by global climate change? Ocean acidification? Worldwide coral bleaching?

Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer

Five Tips for Divers From a Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer

There are roughly 500,000 US Navy military personnel deployed all over the world in elite task forces and laborious jobs on and in the water.

New to Scuba Resources

The Top 10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Diving

Before choosing to dive with a new facility, do a little research. I’m sure you’ve “shopped around” and compared costs of different dive vendors, but price is not the only thing you should be concerned about.

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help the ocean

Five Places Where You Can Help the Ocean While Traveling

If you’re an ocean lover and environmentalist, here are five places where you can help the ocean while traveling.
by Torben Lonne
hammerhead shark

Marine Species: Hammerhead Shark

It’s got one of the (arguably) weirdest faces in the ocean, and the hammerhead shark is on nearly every diver’s bucket list.
by Hélène Reynaud
Rescue Diver

Training Fundamentals: Becoming a Rescue Diver

The rescue diver course is a key step in a diver’s development. How will you know when you’re ready and how can you prepare?
by Marcus Knight

Don't Touch the Seahorses

Touching seahorses to manipulate them for pictures (and using a strong flash) is a big no-no, as it causes the animals much stress.
by Juanita Pienaar