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Marine Species

Gentle Giants – The Whale Shark

Swimming with whales sharks may be one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Health Issues for Dive Instructors

Health Issues for Dive Instructors

Though it may seem perfect, many people are unaware that dive instructors must deal with a lot of career-related health issues.


Making Waves Movement

While it is hard to predict the precise effects climate change will have on Colorado and surrounding states, most scientists agree that the region is going to have a lot less water.

Marine Species

The Wonderful Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea dragons are some of the most impressive camouflaged creatures on the planet.

New stuff

Why Wakatobi: A Dozen Reasons You Should Visit Today

After seeing underwater images snapped at Wakatobi Dive Resort, you won’t need more than one reason to visit. But just in case, here are 11 more reasons Wakatobi should be on your bucket list.
by Guest Author
Caribbean Coral

Basic Caribbean Coral Identification Part 1: Hard Corals

Once you stop looking at the reef as mere backdrop, each dive becomes more exciting. Knowing some basic Caribbean coral identification will enrich every dive.
by Guest Author

Marine Species: Rhinopias

Just utterance of the word “Rhinopias” can set a diver’s heart aflutter. Where can you find these wacky looking creatures, and what makes them so special?
by Guest Author Christina Koukkos
sister sanctuaries

Sister Sanctuaries Work to Protect Endangered Whales

A new agreement between sister sanctuaries in Massachusetts and the Dutch Lesser Antilles strives to protect endangered humpback whales.
by Guest Author