Hayley-Jo Carr

Hayley-Jo Carr

Hayley-Jo Carr is currently PADI Course Director and social media manager at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in sport & recreation studies, Hayley has been traveling, diving and working around the world for over a decade. Her main interests are marine conservation, pro-level training and anything to do with sharks! In her free time she has fun being an underwater model and creative director for Made in Water. Join her at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas and Go Pro with Hayley Jo!

Stories by Hayley-Jo
Shark Feeding Dives
Stories In the Water

Why I Participate in Shark Feeding Dives

The role of shark feeding dives in shark conservation is controversial. Here’s the perspective of one PADI pro who’s worked in the industry for years.

Sexual Coral Reproduction
Marine Species Conservation In the Water

Coral Restoration Via Sexual Coral Reproduction

Is sexual coral reproduction — coral sex — the future for helping to restore the world’s coral reefs? Is it more effective than current coral restoration methods?

Lionfish in the Bahamas

Hunting Lionfish in the Bahamas

By now, most divers know about the negative impacts invasive lionfish are having in the northwestern Atlantic and on Caribbean reefs. The PADI Invasive Lionfish Tracker course is helping address the problem in the Bahamas.

AWARE Shark Conservation
Marine Species Training

The AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course

No matter if you’re a novice or a pro diver, shark protection should matter to you. Sharks are in trouble the world around, and participating in the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty (as a student or instructor) can help spread the word.

New stuff

Original Wyland Tank Up for Auction

Renowned marine artist Wyland is auctioning off an original painted scuba tank, with the proceeds going to charity.
by Shelley Collett

PADI Sold For $700 million USD

Certification giant PADI was sold for $700 million USD to a company called Mandarinfish Holding
by Trevor Sanford

SeaLife Introduces New DC2000 Sea Dragon Camera Sets

To complement the new DC2000, SeaLife has introduced three new camera and light sets, available at select SeaLife dealers.
by Press Release
diving with a dive guide

Diving with a Dive Guide

Many of us dive with well-known buddies or a dive group, but diving with a dive guide is always a good idea if you’re unfamiliar waters.
by Guest Author