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Carbon Monoxide & Scuba Diving

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas created largely by burning fossil fuels, their derivatives and certain other combustable materials.

New to Scuba Resources

Gear Care 101

I know I can’t speak for everybody; but I know that at any given point, I can’t quickly afford to replace or repair the important parts of my scuba kit.

Tropical Diving Tips
New to Scuba Resources

Tropical Diving Tips

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Cold Water Diving pt.3

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verde island

Diving Verde Island with Marco Vincent Divers

All of the amazing sites at Verde Island, Philippines, feature some current, so it’s best suited to experienced divers.   
by Guest Author
Shell Canada Donates Oil Permits

Shell Canada Donates Oil Permits to Protect Arctic Wilderness

On World Oceans Day, Shell Canada announced the donation of 30 offshore oil permits to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
by Jessica Macdonald
Coral Triangle

An Introduction to the Coral Triangle

The Coral Triangle represents the center of the world’s marine biodiversity, and yet it covers only 1.6 percent of the planet’s oceanic area.
by Guest Author
How Deep Can We Dive

How Deep Can We Dive?

We’ve managed, in this modern era, to explore much of the ocean’s surface and its shallower realms, but the deepest portions of the ocean remain nearly as mysterious as they were eons ago.
by Guest Author