March 2012
Mar 28

Exploring Bonaire with SeaLife Cameras


In early 2012 we had the pleasure of travelling to Bonaire, on a mission to improve our underwater photography and videography skills. While we were out there we also had... Read More

Mar 25

Narcissistic Nudibranch

Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 2.22.50 PM

Is this an example of narcissism in nudibranchs? Perhaps there's a straightforward scientific explanation for why this spanish dancer spent over half an hour kissing its own reflection but I... Read More

Mar 19

Saving Turtles From Trawl Nets


One of the major threats to marine turtles in the marine environment is incidental capture, injury, and mortality during fishing operations. Of the many fishing methods used around the world,... Read More

Mar 18

Carbon Monoxide & Scuba Diving


Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas created largely by burning fossil fuels, their derivatives and certain other combustable materials. Unfortunately, every so often, carbon monoxide claims a... Read More

Mar 14

Hand Feeding Whale Sharks


Tan-awan is a sleepy town a short drive from Cebu City on the Philippine island of Cebu. With a population of just over 900 it's had nothing to distinguish it... Read More

Mar 12

Critical Mass


by Jill Heinerth We no longer live in the era of top-down design. Finally the rebreather market has reached a critical mass where consumers have true power to demand features... Read More

Mar 11

Seahorse Attacked by Flounder


For me Lembeh Strait is without doubt the benchmark for macro diving. Anywhere I dive looking for small stuff I inevitably end up drawing comparisons to that amazing black sand... Read More

Mar 7

Reveal the Sea’s Lost Colors with a Dive Light


This is a Guest Post by Mike Ketcham The deeper you dive the darker it gets. Water absorbs sunlight, and greater depth equals less light. Seems pretty straightforward. What’s not so... Read More

Mar 6

Underwater explorer Jill Heinerth launches We Are Water Campaign & Film


The world's top female underwater explorer Jill Heinerth is launching a campaign to reconnect people to their most precious commodity - water. The renowned filmmaker is producing a documentary, We... Read More

Mar 5

PADI Underwater Naturalist Course


Learn about the world below with PADI’s Underwater Naturalist course. This course is an introduction to the underwater aquatic environment, and will help you develop safe and responsible aquatic life... Read More