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Cold Water Diving pt.2

Last time around we covered exposure protection, this time around I’ll be covering buoyancy control devices, regulators and computers.

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Jellyfish Lake | Eil Malk Island, Palau

Jellyfish lake is definitely a bucket list item for many! This unique lake is located on Eil Malk Island in Palau.

Marine Species

Glaucus Atlanticus & Marginatus | Nudibranch

The bright dark blue and silver body distinguishes this species. The cerata are elevated on three cushions per side of the body.


Is Your Sunscreen Killing Corals?

With the summer season fast approaching, there has been a resurgence of concern over water-enthusiasts’ sunscreens potentially harming fragile coral reef systems.


New stuff
Mosquito resting on green leaf

Dive Health: Malaria Prevention And Diving

Diving trips can often take us to places that put us at risk for malaria. Here we'll discuss anti-malarial drugs and their potential side-effects, especially for divers.
by Jessica Vyvyan-Robinson
Scuba Diver Life 5 pieces pic

5 Pieces of Scuba Equipment to Get You Started

While any seasoned scuba diver's arsenal is likely stacked with various pieces of high tech equipment, there are really only 5 pieces that you need to get you started on your first dive.
by Nadia Aly
Pod of striped dolphins

Unethical Dolphin Tours In Kizimkazi, Zanzibar

 A supposedly responsible dolphin tour turns out to be a worst-case scenario for anyone who cares about marine animals.
by Thomas Gronfeldt

Scuba Cartoon: Ice Pool

This is the 44th of our scuba cartoon series by Jerry King. Let us know what you think and submit your own if you have any! Don’t forget to share with your diver friends!
by Nadia Aly