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Orcas Kill a Sevengill Shark off California Coast


A drone accompanying a whale watching tour caught this video of orcas killing a sevengill shark off the coast of California. Orcas killing sharks isn’t something we see on video very often.

Every day, drone footage gives us rare insights into the behavior of animals across the world. While filmmakers have caught orca hunting on film previously, it doesn’t happen often. Rarer still do we see footage of orcas hunting and killing sharks. Guests on a routine whale-watching trip got more than they bargained for in that regard, as a drone captured this footage where orcas kill a sevengill shark.

Off the coast of California, Monterey Whale Watch was on one of their daily outings. The orca pod in question was fairly large and included a few calves. The orcas seem to have used catatonic immobility — flipping the shark onto its back — to subdue the unlucky sevengill shark before passing it around as a meal. Check out the video by Slater Moore Photography.



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