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Mucky Indonesia


With patience and determination, as well as considerable skill on the part of the videographer, we’re all rewarded with this incredible look at some of the hard to find critters in Indonesia.

By Aquaman Videography aka Jesper Sjölander

Getting great footage like this of critters in the muck takes patience and skill, two things videographer  Jesper Sjölander has in spades!  All of the clips are from Ambon and Lembeh in Indonesia, taken while he was  staying at Blue rose in Ambon and Divers lodge in Lembeh. Aerial videos were taken at Divers Lodge in Lembeh.

Equipment used: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing
Olympus 60mm
Panasonic 12-25mm
SmallHd 501 + Nauticam housing
1 Inon lf800-n snoot and 2 5000lumen wide angle lights.
Xit 404 tripod
Dji Phantom 4 advanced


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