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Mesmerizing Diving in Liberia


Here’s your first intro into diving in Liberia. Mesmerizing fish, bold octopuses, vibrant corals, and more.

Liberia isn’t exactly known for its diving and this may be one of the first dive videos of the area.   The site was a wreck dive not far from the Ducor Hotel.   Maybe one day it’ll become a dive destination! The visibility may have been a little poor, but it looks like these divers in Liberia had a wonderful dive.  The hypnotic fish alone would have done me in! 

According to the follower who shared with us the video, Natalya Kitain, there aren’t any dive shops in Liberia but a local resident purchased a compressor and tanks, and expat divers helped her to get it up and running.  Since she’s planning on buying more equipment and hiring people, she may be well on her way to opening the first dive shop in the country.  Cheers to her!



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