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Great White Sea


Jump in the water with some great whites and come away with a whole new appreciation for their beauty, grace, and profound place in this world.

Taken on Guadalupe Island, this short film by Shawn Mahoney of Beacons Film was completed as part of a personal quest of his to quell a nagging suspicion. Shawn had for far too long felt that great whites certainly were not the mindless killers countless media have made them out to be. As Shawn puts it, he feels the great white is to other sharks the way a pit bull is to a chihuahua.

Mesmerized and encouraged by what he saw on his dives, he put together this short film to help educate others not only about great whites, but sharks in general. We humans are devastating shark populations when we need to be protecting them. Instead of fearing sharks, we should love them – especially since we tend to protect what we love.
Read his full post about his adventure here.

– Filmed by Shawn Mahoney
– Wetsuit by HECS Aquatic
– GoPro Footage Contributions by Kyle Ingram and Max Mueller
– Shot on Canon 1DX MKII
– Housing by Nauticam
– Lens: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L III
– Aerial footage on DJI Mavic
– Music licensed via Musicbed and AudioJungle

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