Giant Cuttlefish Gathering in Whyalla


Every year giant cuttlefish gather together to court and mate. And every year some lucky divers get to witness it!

Lucky divers near Whyalla in South Australia have the chance to see multitudes of Australian giant cuttlefish, which gather here each year to mate. Thousands of these animals populate the shallow waters from mid-May through July each year, first spawning and then dying. The giant cuttlefish is the world’s largest, and can clock in at over 22 pounds (10 kg). It lives only here on the southern coast of Australia.

For three months, the technicolored cuttlefish that have come of age (one year old) enjoy flirting, courting, competing, and if all goes well, mating.  This epic gathering is unique in the lives of the otherwise solitary cuttlefish, and eager divers as well.

by Jonathon Di Cecco

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