Scuba Diving in Indonesia
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Scuba Diving in Indonesia is a Dream Come True

Scuba diving in Indonesia is world-renowned as some of the planet’s best. And this lucky writer just got to see it for herself.

Scuba Diving in Timor Leste
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Best Scuba Diving in Timor Leste

The nation of Timor-Leste (until recently known as East Timor) has a long history of conflict and colonialism. But it’s begun to open to travelers, and the scuba diving in Timor Leste is world-class.

Shark Dives in South Africa
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Top Five Shark Dives in South Africa

The waters off Africa’s southernmost point offer some sensational diving. Here are our picks for the top five shark dives in South Africa.

Scuba Diving in St. Helena
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Scuba Diving in St. Helena

Tiny Saint Helena Island lies over 1,000 miles off the west coast of Africa. Although it’s best known as the place of Napoleon’s exile, the scuba diving in St. Helena is a modern marvel.

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More Than 2,000 Sharks Die in San Francisco Bay

Scientists are trying to explain a massive die-off of leopard sharks, Pacific angel sharks, and brown smooth-hound sharks in the San Francisco Bay.
by Thomas Gronfeldt
Trimix Diving

Introduction to Trimix Diving

In the third installment of our series on technical diving, we’re moving away from beginner-level courses and into the world of trimix diving.       
by Guest Author Yvonne Press

TUSA Joins the Dive Computer “Elite Fleet” through Deepblu Connect

International scuba company TUSA has become the latest company to integrate Deepblu Connect to its flagship dive computer.
by Press Release

New Marine Parks Protect Enormous Part of Pacific

The nations of Niue and Chile combine to create vast marine protected areas in the Pacific
by Thomas Gronfeldt