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marine reserves
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Top Ten Dive Destinations Supporting Marine Reserves

Marine reserves around the world face unprecedented political and environmental challenges. Here are 10 of the top dive destinations supporting marine reserves.

Best Scuba Diving in Lombok
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Best Scuba Diving in Lombok

While neighboring Bali is firmly established on the tourist circuit, nearby Lombok remains something of a hidden gem. Here’s some of the best scuba diving in Lombok.

Macro Photography in Utila
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Macro Photography in Utila: Part I

We all marvel at beautiful underwater shots and wish we could take similar photos.  According to Utila photographer Brad Ryon, it’s not as hard as we think.

Yonugani Monument
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The Yonaguni Monument: Is it the Lost City of Atlantis?

In the early 1980s, a young Japanese diver discovered the Yonaguni Monument. Could it be the lost city of Atlantis?

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What Makes Paralenz the Best Underwater Action Camera for Divers?

The Paralenz Dive Camera was one of 2017’s biggest innovations in underwater videography. What makes it so special?
by Press Release
Green Sea Turtles

Climate Change May Be Turning 99 Percent of Baby Green Sea Turtles into Females

A warmer external temperature means 99 percent of baby green sea turtles are turning into females, endangering the worldwide population
by Rebecca Strauss
Baby Turtle

A Baby Turtle Who Lost His Way

A baby turtle gets turned around on a busy road in Grand Cayman, but never fear: A Good Samaritan is there to shepherd him to the beach and on his way.
by Guest Author
Lake Lucerne

Dive Site: Lake Lucerne

Lovely Lake Lucerne is in the central part of Switzerland, surrounded by mountains. What’s it like as a dive site?
by Trevor Sanford